UTG 8-32×56 Scope Custom Comma Wheel


This is a Custom Comma Wheel for UTG Scopes. These are mainly used for Airgun Field Target Shooting. Also for precision airgun hunting. This Comma Wheel compared to a round wheel gives considerably more precision range ability than the round wheels. Compared to the 6 inch round range wheel this comma range adapter would compare to an 11″ round wheel. Measured from center of range wheel to longest outside point is 5 3/4″ This custom UTG Scope comma wheel fits the 16 tooth range cog wheel the one that is on the UTG Accushot 8-32x 56mm AO Rifle Scope. Will fit any UTG scope with 16 tooth cog range wheel. Please make sure you check your range wheel cog for proper fit. If you have any questions feel free to contact us to make sure you are ordering the correct range wheel for proper fit. The Airgun Field Target Competition has become tough make sure you get the best ranging you can by using a UTG Scope Range Wheel that can get you out to the longer yards. We have designed these wheels to do just that. These custom utg range wheels are very light weight so not to put unnecessary stress on your UTG Scopes. Can be bought with or without the pointers. Pointers have 2 different designs both designs are included in the order. Looking for a light solution with good ranging ability, then this 3d printed Comma Range Wheel is what your looking for. (Note All Orders Are Custom Made In House So Allow 24 to 48 Hrs. For Printing Times)

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